New Beginnings....

Bevan and I have recently bought a new (old) house! YAY that needs renovations... BOO! So i thought i would write a blog on the journey that we will be on during the process of bringing this old girl back to the year 2010 (instead of 1970's). (Plus some creative inspirations and idea's along the way) We have previously renovated out present house so have a "little" bit of renovation experience. The house settlement came through on friday so on sunday we gathered some family members and started the process of removing the "old" and some what musty 70's shag pile carpet from the bedrooms and lounge area and removed the old blinds and fitting to get ready for sanding and painting.

Bevan has taken 2 weeks holiday to try and get most of the painting done in the carpeted area's so we can get it re-carpeted before we move in (in about 3 weeks time)! So finger's crossed we can get it done. I have monday's off so i joined my husband yesterday as his "lackey" ( sidekick). Thankfully his brother come along to help as well cos i make a hopeless lackey. There is only so much a women can do and I am not a strong one at that.... so i spent most of the day with my head in the kitchen cupboards trying to get rid of that "old" greasy fat smell. I cleaned out all the cupboards with antiseptic and bleach but that "smell" is still around - so i have put bottle of bi-carb soda around to try and "soak" the smell up - let see if that helps. My next task is to tackle the oven..... GLOVES & MASK will be a must i think for this project - lets say the previous owner didn't seem to have a penchant for cleaning anything and must of deep frying EVERYTHING!

We have had a few "peeves" along the way with this house... such as the whole whose is tiled except the area in the kitchen which for some reason they just decided to lay crappy cheap lino tiles! I have the pleasure of trying to remove some of them yesterday and what A job that is... PLUS finding OLD crusted flys and maggots under some of them was just the cherry on top! Let's just say a FEW gags were induced! Anyway the journey has begun and i hope that you too can enjoy the renovation's relaxed in your computer chair! :-) We would love to hear your comments and suggestions on anything you see along the way!

Here are some photo's of the house when we looked at buying it! Enjoy!

Front of the House

Shed all husbands would dream of??

Back of the house.

Garage (and yes we bought the mower from the previous owner!)

Kitchen (currently the bain of my soul)

 Family Room


 Lounge room

 Main Bedroom

 Bedroom 2



 Bedroom 4/Study

Bathroom 1




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