Another Marathon Effort

Well what a week it has been! I am glad it is friday and i glad that we are taking a short break to the sunshine coast for the weekend! We need a break - especially bevan! I would have to say he has put in over 100 hours of working the house so far! Last night we need another night session of painting! I worked until 3.30pm and shot over to the house to start painting with bevan. I made sure the fire was roaring to warm the place up cos it was getting mighty chilly on those tiles!

{Gotta love the fire - nice and toasty}

Thankfully we had our "angels" return with dinner again - Lamb ragout was on the menu (yummo) which warmed and filled our bellies for the painting ahead! We also had another helper last night, our brother in law isaac! He is currently painting his house as well - but he is doing it the smart way - little bit by little bit as he lives in the house!

{zac our third angel for the night}

{Mumsy painting the hallway skirting}

{Bevan painting the ceiling in the kitchen}

{Watching the pro's at work in the lounge room}

Looking back to the start of the week i have to say we have made some miles on the reno! The whole house is undercoated, the roof is painted and last night we were able to put the first coat of wall paint (yay some colour on the walls) in the bedrooms and lounge room and man it is looking good if i don't say so my self!

{Lounge room before}

{Lounge room so far}
 {Main bedroom before}

{Main bedroom so far}

{study/4th bedroom before}

{study/4th bedroom so far}

{bedroom 3 before}

{bedroom 3 so far}

{bedroom 2 before}

{bedroom 2 so far}

So as you can see it is changing from a ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly! SLOWLY! You can't see the colour that well on the wall with the lights that were shining on it but i am very happy with how it is turning out!

Mum and i were responsible for painting the skirting and widow frames with enamel paint - now if anyone who has painted with the stuff knows how much of a paint it is to work with! I have to say were doing a great job until half an hour before we finished! The paint seemed to get really sticky and gluggy by the end due to it being in the open air to long and we were having no end of trouble with it! Were decided to add a cap full of turps to the paint pot we were using! Well that was a disaster it made it WAY to runny! So we added it back into the tin of paint and thankfully that worked! I have to say by the end i was getting a bit wild with the paint brush and i was getting more paint on the floor than on the skirting! Thanks to mum who cleaned all my splatter up!

{This is what i thought of painting by the end of the night}

So bevan is out at the house this morning again trying to make a few more miles! I just realised we move out of our house next weekend! Eeek! Just another thing to think about! As i write this blog i am currently making dinner for tonight, washing dishes, making a cake, folding washing and trying to pack to go away for the weekend - my luck i will find undies in the stew, plates in the washing machine and no clothes in the bag when i get to the coast! Oh well such is life at the moment.

Just gotta keep thinking of the prize at the end of this madness -  a NICELY painted house! :-)



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