Bevan Become's A Firefighter For A Day

Well late sunday afternoon when we just packing up for the day at the house, bevan was out the front of the house washing out paint roller's when he noticed the neighbours across the road had quite a large fire burning in there back yard. Now i had noticed this fire getting bigger and bigger earlier when i was cleaning the kitchen and was a little worried that it was getting so big but i thought... well they should know what they're doing with that fire and left it at that. (stupid city thinking hahaha) Anyway bevan noticed the neighbours running around a little frantic and then they called out to him if we had a hose and a connector because they kinda needed to put the fire out and the hose they had couldn't reach that far!

{ Our Mini Bushfire :-) }

Thankfully he had bought one from our house that day and was able to race over and help the guy connect it all up. Needless to say by this time the fire was pretty big and the guy was using this piddle little stream on the fire... and well it wasn't doing  a real lot. By this time i noticed what was happening and ventured out to see what was going on. Thankfully the neighbours had enough sense to call the fire brigade straight away when they noticed it getting bigger and bigger..... so the first firetruck came roaring down the street about 10min later... an then another and then another until there was about 5 fire trucks there (4 were rural fire services). They got it under control fairly quickly and the rest just stood around for a yarn. Needless to say the cause of all of this drama was because the man had cleaned his fireplace out thinking the coals were cold dumped them on a big pile of dead wood, leaves and grass (i.e a big bonfire waiting to happen) and only realised awhile later when he could smell smoke! SO it was all very dramatic BUT it was a great way to meet to the neighbours even if it was under stressful circumstances! :-)

{First of 5 fire trucks to arrive}

{Rural fire servies came too}

{Fireman Bevan - Job well done}

Anyway on the reno front we have finally done all the prep work on the house to be able to begin painting. We washed all the walls, roof and architraves on saturday (man did i feel that the next day). Bevan has started undercoating the skirting, doors, window frames and inside cupboards.  I have been taping around window frames and still battling the kitchen! I braved cleaning the inside of the oven yesterday and what a dreadful mess it was. Absolutely disgusting! I guess it didn't really surprise me since the state of the rest of the kitchen. But so far i have sprayed oven cleaner on it twice and i think i will have a third go at it to get it clean. So this week we will hopefully get some paint on the walls.

{Finished stove - after a paint}

{Cleaning the inside of the stove! Ewww}

{The gunk coming out of the stove}

{Momentos occassion - first lot of paint being poured}

{Start of painting}

{Undercoat on the inside of the panelled cupboard}



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