The BIG Move!

Well it has happened we have moved.... Hallelujah! The BIG move happened on Sunday, which went very smoothly thanks to many members of both sides of the family! We started the day quite early.... 7.30am with a breaky for the movers. We had homemade bacon and egg muffins (YUM) to keep the energy levels high for the day. Thankfully we had moved a lot of the little stuff over the past few weeks so it was really just furniture and big stuff to move. So after energising our selves with breaky we got stuck into it.

 {Our old house in the process of moving}

 {Doggies ready for the move}

{Cars ready for packing}

The boys organised the trailors/utes to be filled with furniture while the girls cleaned the empty rooms and kitchen. Things flew through the morning and before we knew it - it was morning tea time! Thanks to my sister-in-law who bought yummy warm scones to feed the hungry crew. .

{Morning Tea Time}

{ Mum & Jess enjoying the scones}

After a short break we were back at it again. Thankfully we were done fairly quickly with so many helping hands and were able to make our way over to our new house to unpack some stuff and do a bit more cleaning around the new house before lunch.

{Cleaning the windows at our new house}

{Grandad taking Xavier for a ride on the lawn mower - and cutting a bit of grass at the same time}

Lunch was enjoyed in the sun on the front paved area of our new house - roast beef salad rolls were in order finished off with a cuppa and a Tim Tam! The family was introduced to one of our many neighbour hood dogs who visit often.. His name is "Ricky" and I have to say he is a VERY happy-go-lucky dog and has become fast friends with our little pooch "Abby". 

{Isaac giving ricky a scratch}

{Nephews giving us a hand wheeling stuff around in the wheel barrow}

I have to say the day flew and before we knew it dinner time was around the corner. After saying goodbye to our helpers we drove back to our old house to pick up some clothes for the night (I left them there until the carpet is installed in our walk in wardrobe) We stopped off to pick up a nice bottle of red and a pizza capers "beef province" pizza and settled in for the night in our "make shift" bedroom watching masterchef!.

{Our make shift room - & yes we watched TV in bed}

{ Our life in boxes}

{Semi setup in the dining room}

I have to say moving has been probably the one of the most stressful things i have done (nearly as much as a wedding) Living is chaos for days on end is quite unsettling - but exciting at the same time. My fingers are itching to start adding special decorating "touches" around the house BUT first i need to unpack..... patience!



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