Debrief For The Week.....

Well it has been a pretty full on week with the renovations but thanks to Bevan's brother Aaron helping out for the first part of the week we have made some ground with the house. Bevan has been putting in some serious hours - generally 10 hour days! So far all the walls, ceiling, doors, skirting/cornices/architraves and window frames have been patched and sanded. Down light holes have been cut in all the rooms we are installing them in and the house has been swept and vacuumed thoroughly for the next stage of work! Tomorrow we are washing all the walls and ceilings down with sugar soap preparing them for the first stage of undercoat..... so if anyone is bored and wants a job to do...... just give us a call! :-)

 { Bevan hard at work}

I have made progress with the fat infested kitchen over the past week. Since i don't have holidays to get things done in, i have been flying straight to the house after work - donning my old clothes and battling the kitchen everyday. All the cupboards are clean and generally smelling better after the addition of bottles filled with bi-carb soda (this soaks up any feral smells). I have scrubbed the stove top and surrounds preparing it for the paint job that i gave it. I haven't faced cleaning the inside of the oven yet.... maybe next week. I put the final coat of gloss black paint on the surrounding metal work today and should be able to take the tape and newspaper off tomorrow for a final picture!

{Stove all masked up ready for painting}
P.s. i did tape up all the oven as well

{All geared up ready to spray paint the stove}

{Putting the primer coat of paint on}

{Bevan laying some sheeting for tiles to be laid on for the front entrance}


{The wonderful 70's cladding in the wardrobes!}

{Dusty job - cutting holes in the roof for down lights}

So hopefully by early next week we should have some paint on the wall even if it is undercoat. The general "smell" of the house has improved since we first got the keys - due to the carpets and curtains being removed and my attack on the kitchen. We got a quote for the carpet yesterday from Anderson's and we have picked the colour/type so the deposit has been paid for that so fingers crossed that will get laid in time for us to move in! We went for a 50/50 blend -  beige sisal carpet (50% nylon, 50% wool) We found that this type of carpet to be the best due to it's hard wearing and stain proof capabilities!

Love to hear any comments or suggestions you have on this project!



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