The Painting Fairies.....

I can't believe that it is Tuesday already.... the weekend just flew! We enjoyed the time away at the sunshine coast, relaxing and enjoying the ocean view from our apartment. Bevan spent much of his time chilling out on the couch, catching up on sleep and generally relaxing and recuperating from his BIG fortnight of painting. While we were away relaxing we had some "fairies" come in and help get some painting done for us! Which we appreciated immensely. The fairies were Bevan's parents and brother who gave up Sunday and Monday to put in some hours painting our house. They  managed to paint the kitchen, dining and rumpus room while we were away! The house is looking VERY different now with the colour on the walls. I am very happy with how the colour has turned out - it has added a breath of fresh air into the place!


 {Bevan's Dad & Brother hard at work}

{One of the fairies hard at work}

{Painting the skirting}

So we were quite ahead in the painting department when we got home on Monday. We got straight back into the painting after arriving home on Monday at lunch time. We started on painting the bathroom and enameling all the doors around the house. The count down is on now until we move out of our current house - only 4 more days until we have to move so the pressure is on to get everything done. Fingers crossed the carpet will go in on Thursday/Friday so we can move all the furniture straight in on the weekend instead of having to store it in the garage!

I had the pleasure of painting the splash back in our kitchen on Monday and it came up a real treat! It really gave the kitchen a lift and it makes the kitchen feel a bit more liveable and "new". I will get some pics up as soon as i can.

I have a million decorating idea flowing through my head at the moment of what i want to do with the house. Currently i am searching for some cushions or fabric to make some cushions that look like this:

I love the rustic feel to them which i would probably pair with a simple patterend cushion. I am not sure how comfortable they will be to cuddle up with since they are made from a very raw material called burlap (or hessian type material).The only thing is i cannot find a cushion that is reasonably priced (range from $30-$50 a cushion) or the material to make it is non-existant in australia unless i want to buy it overseas and even then it would be expensive - so that is my current mission to make these on a budget! SO if you know where i can buy fabric/ and or cushions that are reasonably priced let me know!
I am also dreaming about the hallway table that i want to create. I am thinking white mirror on the wall, possibly a white/ wood table, stainless steel lamps with white shades (i currently have on layby)- they are similar the ones below but more in a brushed steel look and white shades. Candles and accessories will add the colour to the table but keeping it quite a simple colour scheme with possible the additions of cool blue colours.

Anyway better get some packing done! No rest for the wicked they say!



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