House Becoming A Home!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. Had qutie a relaxing weekend doings things NOT house related. Went to a shooting range on saturday with some friends and got a bit of practice on a few different hand guns - it was my first time shooting a gun! Watch out lara croft! It was a bit intimidating to start off with that for sure but by the end i began to relax slightly and was doing pretty good (i thought) at hitting the targets!

Woke up to a frosty morning on monday and low and behold our car windscreens were frozen over! Brrrr

{Bevan scraping the ice off the car windscreen}

On the house front things are coming together slowly. We have been touching up paint, putting fittings back on, putting shelves in cupboards,putting in down lights and putting up venetian blinds. So all these little things are helping this house become our home. I have started slowly unpacking boxes from the garage and adding all our bits and pieces really have made a difference also with the feel of the place. It really has come alive!

Click Here For More Before Photos

Lounge Before

{Lounge Room After}

Dining Room Before

 {Dining Room After}

Family Room Before

{Rumpus Room - Still Under Construction}

Bedroom 1 Before

 { Bedroom 1 After}

Bedroom 2 Before

{Bedroom 2 After}

Bedroom 3/Study Before

{Bedroom 3/Study After}

Main Bedroom Before

Main Bedroom After
I have been on a bargain hunt over the past few days to pick up decorative pieces for the house to get that "rustic" french provincial feel that i talked about earlier. The biggest bargain of the week has come in the form of two wing back chairs with ottomons that i scored from the Tender Center last week. I got them for $25 each ($50 total) - the vendor wanted $300 each for them but accepted my low bid because no one else bidded on them! BUT there is a downside to this bargain! I have had one quote so far to get them reupholstered and it the price nearly took my breath away......... $2300 they quoted me! SO i am going to do a bit of ringing around to see what the best price i can get and if they are all up around that range then it looks like i am going to have to learn to upholster chairs!!!

{My bargain wingback chairs}



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