The Kitchen of Nightmares... well not really!

Well after 2 1/2 days in of renovating we have come a fair way. Bevan is working full time on it at the moment with the help of his brother and have gutted what needs to be thrown out and sanded the walls and plastered the boo boo's on the walls and cornices.
I have been coming in after work to attack the kitchen as it is still filthy. As you can see below in the photo i have to do something about the cooktop/oven situation. The previous owner's husband was a metal worker and seemed to have a fetish for welding EVERYTHING! And has made a cooktop and oven into what looks like a "standup oven" using his wonderful welding skills and bits of metal (the orange bits are metal) SO unfortunately he never painted these bits of metal to make it remotely nice ... so now that is my job! BUT there first there is a small job of scraping the layers of old food and fat from around the edges.... i did a bit yesterday and needless to say i wasn't very hungry for dinner that night! :-(


Moving onto my next job i have been doing when i need a break from the fat infested cooktop... the old maggot infested floor! YAY. I haven't stumbled across any more thankfully but as you can see below i am making a little bit of progress. Don't you love the 70',s/80's Lino... JUST GORGEOUS! So after i rip up the top layer of lino and give the old stuff a good clean we will put a layer of timber over the top of it to tile on.... it's too hard to try and rip the 70's stuff up and we need to match the double layer of tiling they have done throughout the house!



The boys have made a bit of progross in the lounge area where there was exposed beams on the roof. After some head scratching we thankfully worked out they they were only "fake" and were able to pull them off - not after some damage to the walls/roof and cornices. But ever the handyman bevan has put new cornice in the gaping holes and plastered them to look as good as new!


The boys  job over the next day or so is to sand ALL the walls in the house! I am thankful for a "day" job and conveniently no around for that job! Although i believe my next job will be to help wash all the walls down before the painting begins! ergh! BUT i am excited about slapping some paint on the walls!
I will give a outline next time on the colour pallete we are using and some decorating idea's i have for the place! :-)


Bevan has been bringing our dog Abby over to the house everyday to help her get use to her new surroundings and to see if she will be good since we don't have a fence here.... and well by the photo below she seems to be enjoying herself so far!
Oh to have a dogs life!




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