Marathon Reno Session

Well time is ticking by with Bevan being on his last week of holidays, and our house now is officially SOLD (YAY) we have some deadlines to meet. We have to be out of our house by the 24th of July! So we put out little heads down on Monday and worked a 12 hour day to get some serious work done.

 {Starting to undercoat the walls}

It was a pretty cold start to the day but thankfully the house has a fire place so i got that cranking first thing in the morning to get some warmth through the place - as i was going to be spending the morning sitting on cold tiles. Bevan gave me the wonderful job of taping around everything - windows, door frames, skirting and along the tiles to get ready for painting! Needless to say it was a painfully cold job in the morning doing along the floor tiles for meters & meters. Not only were my finger were numb - but my butt was also! Anyway thankfully that job got done well before lunch and i was able to help Bevan with the undercoating.

{Me with my beanie on - it was pretty cold!}

Painting is a pretty mindless job - but enjoyable all the same. After a few snack/lunch stops we got all the undercoating done by about 6.00pm. - Mind you i was we were both VERY tired and high from paint fumes by then! Our angels come along... (My Dad & Mum) and revived us with a nice hearty dinner. They stayed and helped continue painting - Dad and Bevan painting the cornices and mum painting the skirting with the first coat of enamel. I opted out of painting cos i think i was overtired because my paint brush wasn't painting the right things (i.e i was painting the wrong side of the taped areas :-) ) So i continued on with the cleaning the kitchen/oven and was glad to finally see it all done! Hallelujah. We still have a little bit to go before we can see any colour go on the walls BUT we made some miles this day!

Needless to say Bevan and I were very glad to crawl into our bed that night!

{My taping (blue) all the skirting boards}
{Abby all worn out after a hard day's work}

{Dad helping out}

{Painting the splash back with undercoat}

{Mum giving a helping hand}

{Me having a go}

{Gorgeous sunset from the bathroom window}



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