Painting D.O.N.E!!!!

Well after a massive effort over the last two weeks we are happy to say 99% of the painting is DONE! Yahoo. Poor bevan has made himself sick (he has a cold) doing so much hard work on the house - I take my hat off to him! The house looks SO very different now - it is so much brighter and lighter - but also still warm! So i am happy so far with the colours and how everything turned out. Bevan has been working on tiling the entryway from the front door to the hallway.

{Putting the sheeting down for the tiles to go on}

{Tile cutting machinery}

{Tiles getting laid}

{Finished product - still needs to be grouted though}

His hard work has paid off with the results that we have seen over the last few weeks. We have been putting in a few night shifts this past week to get the job done and have had some wonderful help from our sister-in-law cooking wonderful meals for us while we are busy with the house. So Hes - thank you so much for your help! Your another one of our "angels".

{Kitchen before splash back painted/ & oven}

{After splash back was painted/ & oven}

As you can see after the splash back was painted the kitchen looks a lot fresher. I am currently tossing up the idea of painting the laminex benchtops but i have to do a bit of research of what products are out there to do this that will wear fairly well. So we will see what happens with that.

{Bathroom before}

{Bathroom after} -> can't see a lot of difference in this photo but it was a VERY cacky colour before.

Anyway i can barely keep my eyes open as i type this so off to bed for me and my sick little hubby. 

Night Night......



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