Third Day Moving Blues

Well on wednesday i think i came down with the third day moving blues! The first two days were filled with excitement, busyness and the fun of a new house and surroundings. Well by wednesday morning the shine wore off! My clothes were still in boxes and to get ready for work was horrendous! It took me nearly 20 minutes to put an outfit together to get dressed in! I was sick of living in chaos and mess, my life in boxes and cannot find anything. You see i am a perfectionist and a reasonably "tidy" person. I like to live in "order" thats the way my mind generally works and to live in the house at the moment messes up my neat and orderly mind! Ha sounds like i need to see a therapist.

{ After a frustrating morning trying to find something to wear out of a box!}

Plus on top of all of this i am trying to deal with two dogs (one is not ours - we are currently dogsitting) who have been fenced all there lives to now living in a 1 acre yard with no fence. The first day i left to go to work they chased me up the street, which i had to turn around and lead them back home (past some council workers doing road works) which i then had to yell "STAY", " GET IN YOUR BOX" etc ( I was a little flustered by this time - i was running late for work) I don't know what the council workers thought and i have no idea what the poor dogs thought! SO they did stay in the end... i think! So apart from my minor mental break down everything is going pretty good.

Our house has officially been handed over today... which is a little sad. We had to go over and do a final mow of the lawn and take a few cuttings of plants we liked. It was sad to say goodbye to our house - many happy memories there as that is where we started our married life off together and made our first home!

{Finishing up at our old house}

{Goodbye Jamieson Court}

I thought i would put some pics up of the rooms after they were carpeted! It made such a difference to the feel of the house and i love the carpet we chose! (Have a look at the before photos to now!}

{Lounge Room}

{Study/Bedroom 1}
 {Bedroom 2}

{Bedroom 3}

{Main Bedroom}

As you can see by some photos we have lights/switches still hanging from walls and roof and boxes everywhere.... So we still have a bit to go but i am slowly and "patiently" plodding away at it! Who ever said renovating and moving was easy!..... NOT ME! HA



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