The Vision.....

I thought i would give you a run down of some of the colours, finishes and idea's that i have for this new house. I have done a bit of research and found decorating idea, furniture and colours that i would love to use in the house and what my "vision" is for this house.... what my vision is and what really comes about is two very different things PLUS there is a small thing called money involved in there somewhere but i will show you the basics of what we have the money for first.... Paint and carpet colours first and then the fancy pancy things that i want to put in and the "feel" i want to create in the house.


{Wall Colour}

{Trim Colour}

 {Similar Carpet Colour (ours is a bit lighter) & Texture}

We are using Dulux Hog Bristle (1/4 Strength) for the walls and Dulux Fair Bianca for the Trim on the Windows, Doors & Architraves. We wanted to go for a neutral carpet as well. We are going to use these colours through the whole house keeping a simple pallete to work with using our furniture and accessories to add colour.
I want to keep the rooms light and airy but still with a sense of warmth. Due to the location of the house and the placement of windows some area's of the house have a "dark" feel to them as they don't receive a lot of natural light. So keeping these things in mind I have found a few inspirational picture of furniture, colours and accessories that i want to add to various parts of the house. 

Inspiration Corner:
Now when i first was doing a bit of research on what type of style i wanted to created in our home i fell in love with the decorating style of Rustic French Provincial. I love the charm & character of this style..... BUT unfortunatly is does seem to require to you to have a "old style" home with charm and character to compliment this style... such as gorgeous wooden floors, open fire places, big old windows, old exposed beams and general old world charm! ...... well our house has none of those features... we have tiled floors, a old 70's style enclosed fireplace and the only exposed beams we had were ugly so we pulled them down. BUT that does not mean it is impossible to inject a bit of this into our house! It's just going to take a bit more effort & i will add modern twist to it since a lot of our furniture is quite modern. So i have decided to take the "decorating style" and use it to what i can to create a warm and comfy home! So we will see how i go... i could fail miserably yet! I have done a few inspiration boards up to give myself and idea of what i want - so i thought i would share them with you!

Inspiration Corner:

Anyway i will keep you update with future idea's of the decor of the place and hopefully how the house turns out with somewhat have a rustic french provincial feel! Only time... AND money will tell! :-)



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