The count down to fresh eggs begins!

I have to say i look forward to the working week - it means i can rest in front of a computer! :-) I do love our weekends in the garden and doing house reno's but it is exhausting by the end. We had a very rewarding weekend finishing off the chookpen and finishing off the rock garden border i was doing. Very satisfying to see what hard work brings!

{Bevan and his bro working on the chook pen}

{Halfway through repairs}

Bevan worked quite hard on the pen on the weekend so that we can pick some chooks up this coming weekend. We are getting "second" hand chooks from the local chook farm - they have been laying for 12 months or more already and ready to retire so hopefully they will have a few more eggs left in them! IF not chop chop!! hahah! I am very excited. I have never had chooks before so it will be an interesting learning curve that's for sure. I have many family members looking forward to fresh free range eggs - AND so am i! Yummo! Honestly the eggs you buy in the supermarket have no comparison to a fresh egg! Have to whip up a few "egg" based recipes - sponge cakes and quiches here i come!

{Finished result}

{Hooning around on the ride on with abby in the back}

I have to say my hands are turning into man's hands after hauling a few hundred kilos of rocks and digging in dirt..... BUT i love it. Couldn't be more happy than scratching round in the dirt at the moment! Finished the rock border on sunday arvo and it looks pretty good if i don't say so myself. I have ordered 14 roses to plant in it, i went with the pink "Bonica" rose (I am a pink girl at heart) and they were the best to grow as a"hedge" , disease resistant and easy to grow - So they ticked all the boxes! I am also on the hunt for cheap "french" lavender plants for the lower terrace of the garden - know any cheap nurseries???.

{Bonica Roses}

{Finished border}

I picked up these gorgeous Alyssum seed mix when i was at bunnings yesterday. I plan to border these around the roses and put the lavender on the lower terrace at the front of the garden.

{Alyssum Aphrodite Mix}

We decided on Monday after finishing our projects for the weekend we would start on the vegie patch so we can get ready for the spring crop of vegies. We marked out where we wanted the beds to go and dug an approx border ready for us to hire a rotary hoe to dig the ground up!

{Initial stages of vegie patch}

So life on the "farm" is going well. The blue skies and sunny days have been glorious to spend in the garden, pottering around and Abby our dog loves us being outside with her!

Ahh this is the life! :-)



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