The girls have arrived...

Well we got our brood of hen's on saturday morning - before i had to do a market stall for my business "Simply Tea". Bevan went with the next door neighbour out to a free range chook farm at Greenmount. We found in the newspaper that you could buy $2 chooks that have been laying for about 2 years already. Now i know that they may not have a long laying time left (maybe a year or more) but i thought what a way to recycle some poor old chooks and at least give them a good life for a year or so and in return get some lovely eggs. - AND lovely they are-!

{Bevan and Dale (the neighbour) putting the chooks in there new home}

{The girls - looking a little worse for wear!}

The "girls" don't know themselves, scratching around in dirt and grass out in the sunshine. They blessed us with two beautful eggs on the first day and another 4 more since saturday. They do look a little worse for wear at the moment with half of them having no tail feathers and some with out chest feather obviously from being pecked at but given a few months i am sure they will look pretty again! I have to say i feel like a little kid getting excited everyday when i go down to the chook pen and find eggs in the laying boxes! I have enjoyed sitting and relaxing on the grass and watching them scratch round and talk to each other! Quite entertaining! Hahahaha.

{Our first eggs! mmm they were good!}

Bevan has been working hard filling up the vegie gardens with soil and layering qypsum and organic life to help break it down and add extra nutrients needed for the vegies. The next step is to add some cow manure which we have got off a farmer friend for $5.00 a grain sack. We will put a bag of that in each garden and dig it in and then layer it with straw for mulch and leave it for a few weeks to really break down and get ready for our vegies. 

{Putting soil into the gardens - hard yakka}

We are waiting for the frosts to finish (if anymore come) and then we can start planting the first season's tomato's! Oh i cannot wait for freshly picked ripe tomatoes! Mmmm and i will have to share with you the Darr family "Tomato Relish" recipe! It is delicious - especially with cheese and jatz! We have decided we will probably put a railway sleeper border around the beds eventually when we can find some cheap ones!

 {Dirt done.... manure and mulch to go}

Bevan got a new toy the other day.... a chainsaw! He has been researching the best one to buy and he came up with a beaut little husqvana. He gave it a whirl the other day and all i can say is watch out trees!!!! He got rid of a few pesky trees around the yard that were blocking other trees (such as our precious mulberry tree...mmmmmm can't wait for them). He said that it was so easy to cut through the trees with the chainsaw that after all his cutting he realised he had a bit of work to do to clean it up! Boys and there toys.

{Bevan giving a few tree's a permanent haircut!}

We got a great passionfruit bush out the front of our house that is nicely established. The passionfruit are in abundance and are slowly growing, hopefully we can pick and eat some soon! Oh a nice pavalova would be great with these little beauties!

{Mmmm passionfruit}

As i mentioned earlier i had to do a market stall over the weekend for my online tea business "Simply Tea". It was at the camellia show in toowoomba which was being held in the horticulture center at the local tafe. The weekend went really well (although exhausting) and i had the opportunity to hold a "talk" about tea and the relationship it has with the camellia, tea health benefits, manufacturing process and what types of tea we have at Simply Tea. It was a great experience and i had a blast. I also write a Simply Tea Blog which is a great little write up on baking, info on tea and all things tea related. So go and check it out if you haven't yet. Would love to get some feedback on it!

 {Simply Tea - Market Stall}

I have been pretty pre-occupied with getting ready for the markets so the inside of the house has gone to a halt! However a few things have changed.... decoratively that is! Ok well i was a little unsure on the cushions i bought for the lounge room... don't get me - i loved them but they were just very dark and it wasn't creating the "warmth" that i wanted in there. So after a week or two of thinking and procrasting i decided to take them back - and later i found out bevan hated them anyway! hahaha.

{ The new cushions - i like them better}
I have been searching for reasonably priced upholstery fabric and found that spotlight stocks a range of upholstery fabrics. I think i have found one that i  like and will wait till spotlights has a sale on upholstery fabric and will order the amount that i need. I have decided to get rid of the skirting around the bottom of the chairs and ottomons and let the wooden legs show. It will match in with our house and give it a bit of a rustic look. I have some left over white cushions that i previously had which will go nicely on the chairs once i am done! (whenever that may be!!!!) I hope to add some rustic burlap cushions (when i find some cheap ones) to the chairs as well.

{Burlap Cushions}

{Upholstery fabric}
Another addition to the house is i found some cute bird cages at loot and some gorgeous little fat birdy figurines to go with it! (Of course they were on sale - 15% off). I was able to get a medium and small birdcage with two cute birdies (you can see in the back ground) These will go in the rumpus room on the storage unit (which i am yet to paint white).

{Cute little cages}
Another find on my OP Shop expiditions was these cute oil and vinegar bottle with a stand and nice country style plate for $4.00 each. I have added them to my white collection in my hutch.

{Op Shop find}

A great way to showcase a collection of items is to bunch same type colours together . Such as i have done with all my white china. It makes a nice effect and a great way to get those things you hardly use and get them out into the open and show them off!

{ My white china collection}

I hope to get a few recipes that i have been whipping up lately! Hopefully they will inspire you a little! Also check out my Simply Tea Blog as i put a lot of my "baking" and recipes up there as well!



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