Kitchens.... Kitchens.... & Kitchens!!!

It's been a while since my last post... and no i haven't forgotten about my blog! The lack of internet access and been a little busy bee has been factors keeping me from posting anything new up! I hope you all have had a great weekend. Well over the weekend my darling husband told me the best news I have heard in a while........ WE can do the kitchen in 3-4 months time! Yahooo! Due to the fact the floor needs tiling in the kitchen area, it was better to re-do the kitchen up before tiling so we don't have to re-do it again down the track. SO my mind has been racing with idea's of what I want to do in the kitchen. Obviously it will have a french provincial feel to it but I want to still keep a "modern" feel to it.

{Something along the lines of this kitchen - but slightly more modern appliance & fixtures/handles}

{Possible options for tapware}

{Options for Drawer and door handles}

We have gone in search of what ovens/cooktops/rangehood we should put in the kitchen. I am still trying to decide what i want but i have the options down to the following....

Option 1:
{Curved Glass Rangehood}

{70cm Gas Cooktop}

{90cm Inbuilt Oven}


Option 2.

{Curved Glass Rangehood}

{70 cm Ceramic Glass Cooktop}
{90cm Inbuilt Oven}
Option 3.

{Curved Glass Rangehood}

{90cm Freestanding Oven}


I am still struggling with which option to decide upon! I like the "idea" and look of having a free standing oven but not sure about the size of it in the kitchen as it will reduce the bench space a bit. Another thing i can't decide upon is if i go the inbuilt oven option whether to go for a ceramic cooktop (look so much cleaner) or the gas cooktop (probably cooks better but is a pain to clean)!

So any thoughts or comments would be gladly appreciated on my oven debacle.

I hope to get more progressive photos up on the house soon. We have been dabbling in the yard a bit over the weekend and it has been a joy to get my fingers into the dirt after been cooped in the house for the last few weeks. I managed to weed most of the front garden and i am in the throes of building a small stone wall on the otherside of the garden. What hard work it is digging, weeding and hauling stones! My hands are showing the effects of working like a man - chipped nails, dirt under fingernails, dry and calloused hands! ha oh well that's the life of a country wife! HAHAHA!
Bevan has been starting on the chook pen out the back to get it fixed up so that we can get our chooky's in there asap and laying nice fresh eggs for me to cook with! I can't wait!



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