Agapanthus Madness

What a windy and horrible week it was last week. I am glad that things settled down a bit over the weekend and we were able to get some garden time in. After moving 3 fridges saturday morning..... yes you heard me right... 3 fridges, we went to one of bevan's work mates house who kindly offered us her garden to dig plants up from. She had a HUGE patch of agapanthus that we were able to "borrow" from to use at our place.

Example Picture Of Agapanthus

We ended up digging up about 50-60 plants.  I love agapanthus, they are a GREAT border plant for large area's, drought tolerant and generally can grow anywhere plus they put on a beautiful display of flowers during summer ranging in colour from purple or white. We were also able to get some clivia's as well to put in a shady spot in our garden.

Example Picture Of Clivia's

We hadn't really prepared ourselves for the work involved in planting our these little babies and spent all saturday afternoon doing so. We planted them along the bank at the front of the house. This is a large area that needed something doing to it quite badly and we didn't really want to have to landscape it with pavers or rocks, which we of cost a lot of money, so we thought we we would use plants to create the border that we wanted, no fuss and the best thing it was FREE! We still have to decide what to plant on the actual bank, something that is hardy, drought tolerant and grows vigorously but also looks nice, so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them... just leave a comment! :-)

Bevan digging the holes for the agapanthus

Me, planting them all.

Finished product

Mind you the agapanthus don't look as pretty as this now.... bevan gave them all a "hair cut". Apparently it helps to establish the plants, concentrating on taking root instead of maintaining there leaves... so they all look a bit sorry for themselves at the moment.

Finished product for the Clivia's

We had a bit of a rest for afternoon tea and i had a bit too much fun teasing our dog abby with a peanut butter and chocolate cupcake i made for bevan.........

As you can see by the tongue she was licking her lips.....

One thing i have noticed here at our new house is the HUGE worms that are in the dirt. They gave me a bit of a fright when i first come across one.I guess it's a good thing that they are in the soil, doing whatever wormy's love to do! Abby loves to dig in the dirt when we're gardening and when she comes across one she pulls it out of the dirt with her teeth and continues to play with it by throwing it up in the air or rolling over it on her back. It is quite entertaining to watch and it give me a laugh!

Our gigantic worms

Abby loves to play with them.



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