Spring Is Here .... Hurrah.

I hope your as glad as i am that spring has finally arrived (even though it's the last day of winter) BUT you can feel it in the air! What do you like most about spring? For me it's the blooming flowers (even if they give me hay fever), new and sprouting leaves, fresh sunny day's and how everything just comes alive. My vegie patch is feeling the effects of the spring season in the last week. My seeds have just popped out of the ground and have come alive. It's very exciting to see something so small that you planted with your own hand spring to life and grow into something! I found it quite satisfying to say the least to have just done that! I think everyone should have a vegie patch even a small or compact one. You don't have to grow things from seed but just go to Bunnings and buy the seedling already grown. Things that you could try planting out right now would be - Lettuce, Radish, English Spinach, Beetroot and Snowpea's just to name a few things. Give one or two of those things a go in a small sunny part of a well watered garden and you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour in no time! Plus it's all organic... no pesticides when you grow it yourself!

My sprouting vegie patch!

Over the weekend we have been slowly working our way through our mountain of projects we want to complete around the yard. We have slowly cleaned up the area we want to create a "Kitchen Herb Garden" in and are in the stages of setting up a watering pipe in the ground to put our grey water through to water the plants! It will be a great way to save some water and keep my herbs alive in summer!

Bevan digging up the dirt!

Soil all turned over ready to dig in a watering pipe.

Bevan completed a bit of a mammoth project on monday during his day off. We have a small problem now with having chooks is that when we let them out to scavange around the yard they seem to head straight for the vegie patch and when they start scratching they leave a bit of a destructive path and the neighbours chooks have been getting into the garden also so we have decided to put a fence around it to keep them out PLUS whatever other creature will want to come and eat our vegies. So he cut up some tree's for posts that had been knocked down recently to clear a path near our house and hauled them over to the vegie patch! The neighbour was getting some fence holes dug so bevan got the fella to dig a few for us as well around the vegie patch, which saved some serious back breaking work! Needless to say bevan was pretty spent at the end of the day!

Posts laid out ready to be put in.

one post in.

All posts are in - yet to fit wire properly.

In my previous post i was complaining about trying to finish some of our many projects (in & out of the house). I am proud to say i have finished one project that i was talking about in the last post. I finished painting my $2.00 lot of frames i bought at a garage sale and fitting our prints in them. We are yet to properly add matte board to them but they look sufficiently finished for now!

My $2.00 Lot of photo frames i painted!

Another frame i painted and added this cute print!

I have picked up some great Op shop bargains in the last few weeks That i must share with you. I have to implore you to give Op shopping a go when wanting to decorate - especially when things are tight and your on a budget! Sometimes you score a jackpot other times there is nothing but that is the fun.... in the hunt!

Top Right: Set of 5 frames for $2.00, Lower Left: Old Oriental Style chest $10.00, Right: Rustic Old Barometer $5.00

This is the newest decorative touch i have added to the house in the last few days. I found the old wooden box under the house that bevan was storing odds and ends in so i hauled it upstairs and after a bit of a dust off and wipe over it looks as good as..... well old i guess! I have put all the wood for the fire in it! The chair i had stored away in another room, i had picked it up a few years ago at a garage sale for $10.00 and the suit cases were another garage find ($3-$4 each) which again were sitting packed away. So this little corner cost me nothing all these bits and pieces just need to be put in the right place. What has been your best "find" at a garage sale or at the op shop? Would love to hear about them!



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