Spring Is Round The Corner.....!

Don't you love when somedays your head is full of these great idea's and projects you want to do and create. Then a few day's later your brain is void of all creative inspiration and you wonder where do i go from here with this idea? Well i think i have had this "creative block" off and on over the past few weeks, which has been highly frustrating considering i have all these projects i want to complete and my poor little brain has no idea what i should do with them at time....  most frustrating.

I did however pat myself on the back with a bargain find the other day at a garage sale. After voting on saturday i came across a garage sale ( i love garage sales) and picked up 4 photo frames for $2.00. Now you may think i am a little nutty but being on a bit of a budget these days this was the best & cheapest way to complete one of the projects i have been talking about. We have some gorgeous pencil drawing prints we picked up in france when we there a few years back. We have been meaning to frame and hang them but have been sitting in a cupboard waiting to do. So the frames will be perfect for the four small prints we have and i have something special for the larger one, which i will show you later. These frames i am currently in the middle of painting white to bring them together in uniformity and i am also on the hunt for some matte board off cuts to frame the prints with inside the frame (another great way to save money) . So this is a work in progess and i cannot wait to show you the finished product...... when that happens! HA.

A great way to bring together odd matching frames is to paint them the same colour.

On the upside i did get the front flower garden finished. The "bonica" roses that i ordered about a month ago arrived early last week and i was able to plant them out before the nice rain we had. If you want to see my vision for the front garden click here. I have tweaked a few plant ideas from my previous plant due to some of the plants being unsuitable for the garden size. I have gone with the "bonica" rose for the informal hedge and underplanted the roses with "aphrodite alyssum" seeds. For the border along the front of the garden in the little ledge i have sowed seeds for Cat mint, which will look like lavender but is more of a compact plant which will suit that space nicely.

"Bonica" Rose

Aprhodite Alyssum

Cat Mint

The roses came bare-rooted which means they were in "hibernation" of sorts for winter and had not developed a deep root system yet. Perfect way to buy roses as they are cheaper to buy and ship.
 My sweet husband marked out the exact space between each roseplant to give a even spaced hedge. I had to do the hard work of digging and planting 14 rose plants. I loved doing it though! Can't wait till they start growing and flowering.

Planting the roses out - there were 14 to plant out!

All lined up ready to plant out! Don't look much at the moment!

Two down... 12 to go!
Nearly done!
After i had planted out the roses i sowed about 1800 alyssum seeds throughout the top garden and sowed the cat mint along the bottom front ledge. I did it just in time as the next day it rained cat 'n' dogs!

Bevan has continued having fun cutting tree's down. He got his brothers round on the weekend to help him out. It was a old dead tree attached to our chook pen fence so we didn't want to cut the thing completely out. I wasn't around to witness the event but i think they did it without any drama's.

Tree is straight behind chook pen

Shaun (bevan's brother)  holding the rope to guide the tree away from the chook shed.
Job done without incident!
Our nephew riley - thinking he did all the hard work!

Our vegie garden is taking off nicely with last weeks rain, our carrots, beetroot, snowpeas, rocket, broccoli, and radish's are all sprouting and taking off. I will have to get some update photo's on here of things taking shape. It's exciting to see things your planted yourself actually sprout and grow - i am not a total brown thumb!!!

As you can see above - Bevan set up a frame and planted out our raspberry plant that we purchased a few weeks ago. I am very very excited and hope to get a good crop of rasberries in the years to come! Mmmm!

If your stuck for morning tea or afternoon tea idea or just want to whip something up check out my yummy recipes on my "Simply Tea" blog.  Love to hear any comments or suggestions on anything i have written about today or in previous blogs! :-)



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