Friendship Fridays

Hope your week is going well.... mine is! Loving this spring rain.... and so is the garden! I am in the middle of a project - doing up one of the window frames i bought from the dump. I am using one of them as a large photo frame for a gorgeous pencil drawing print we got when we were in Paris. I will have to get some pics up once the rain stops and i can get some more done on it!

I will use the photo frames i painted up a while ago to flank the frame on the wall creating a nice photo frame collage. So once i get myself together i can show your my piece of art!

Photo Frames before i painted them
Frames after i painted them with the prints inside!

Also just announcing we i will be having a Friendship Friday Link up to make some new blog friends! Hope that you can make it then and meet some great people! Hope to see you there........



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