The Name Game

Abby Checking Out Our New Watering Can

Well with the weather over the last few days dropping back to winter temperatures, I have not been inspired to venture out too much into the garden. Bevan has been working hard on the fence everydat around the vegie garden to get that completed so i can plant out the roses i bought to spread along the front of the fence.

Front of the vegie garden where i will be planting my roses.

I am planting two Climbing Pierre De Ronsard Rose to climb over the entry way posts and two Blushing Pierre De Ronsards either side of the entryway on the fence to climb. These are my ABSALOUTE favourite rose of all time and i am very excited that i am able to use them to create and make a bit of a statment. They let off a gorgeous scent, prolific flowerers and beautiful round petaled rose buds.

Pierre De Ronsard

Blushing Pierre De Ronsard

I picked up at bunnings the other week a pack of plants called the "Tea Pack". It contained lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile and pineapple sage, which you use to make your own tea infustions with!. I thought it was an excellent combination so i planted them all together in a large terracotta pot, which i placed a the end my kitchen garden. Now i have my own "Tea Pot".........

My Own "Tea Pot"

Gorgeous Federations Daisy's I recently planted

Our Garden is coming alive with spring underway!

Guava's ripening, peach tree blossoming!! Yay for spring
We are getting a bit closer to the kitchen being done. All quotes are in and we are in the middle of considering which person to go with.... So difficult to choose! Bevan has started knocking down part of the wall in the garage which we are moving out to fit the fridge in and the pantry to create more room in the kitchen. Check out our PLAN here.

Marking up where to knock out!
Work in progress

The section we will be building out in the garage.
Unfortunatley i haven't been able to go with my Original plan of a pure French Country Kitchen, due to the style of the house and BUDGET! I have opted for using features in the kitchen to give it a "country feel" but with a modern twist. Such things as colonial edging with frosted glass on the overhead cupboards, simple pillars on the edge of the kitchen benches & hardware such as handles etc.

Colonial style cupboard with glass.

Now it has been said that we should name our house for well.... name's sake i guess. Bevan and i have thrown some names around and can't really come up with one SO dear readers i would love to hear what your suggestions may be to name our place!



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