Preserved Lemons

Now that spring has arrived and our citrus tree's have been exploding with fruit i have been trying to find recipes to preserve the excess fruits that i have. I was watching Jamie Oliver's new TV show called "Jamie Does" and this episode was about foods & cooking in Marakesh (Morroco). He did this gorgeous Beef Tagine recipe that one day i will have to make but what inspired me from this episode was the use of preserved lemon throughout their foods. I thought what a great way to use up some of my lemons that are multiplying on my lemon tree. This recipe is SO easy and would also be great as part of a gift hamper of some sort!

My lucious lemons!


Salt, 1 Dessertspoon of salt per lemon, plus one for the jar
Freshly squeezed lemon
Preserving Jars


1.    Using thick skinned lemons – cut into quarters; place the lemons flesh side down in preserving jars and sprinkle each quarter with salt as you add it to the jar.
*For every lemon use a good dessertspoon of salt per lemon plus one for the jar.
2.    When the jar is full, press right down on the lemons to squeeze the juice out, filling the jar with more slices, again squeezing right down then immerse all the lemons by topping up the jar with fresh lemon juice.
3.    Place the lid on the jar and 6- 8 weeks later they’re ready to use.

Would love to hear what other great recipes you may have for preserving any type of citrus fruit??



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