Thinking Of Sleep!

Feeling kinda tired today.... and my bed is on my mind. Cuddling up under the doona in my Pj's... reading a book or just dozing off into la la land would be just fine by me. It got me thinking of what kind of bedroom i would love to create one day. Obviously it's not a high priority on our list of things to do ( and believe me there is a LONG list) but i thought i would have a play with some favourite bedroom pics that i have come across.

I just love this cottage bedroom picture. It has lots of character especially with the brick wall as a feature behind the bed. The bedside tables look beautifully rustic as does the cute roman style seat at the end of the bed. I love the soft tonings of this room and although there is not huge splashes of colour in the picture it is simple and understated.... Don't know if bevan would think this is too prissy though - he would hate the chandelier... i LOVE it! Hmmm how to get a brick wall behind our bed! HA. I think the amore below would be a perfect addition to the room as it nearly matches the bedside tables.

This bedroom appealed to me as it just looked so peaceful and inviting. The muted greys and pinks really add a softness and i love the old wooden stool at the end of the bed, it really adds a touch of character. i definatly can see myself curling up here!

I thought this one had huge "rustic" appeal to it... pity our house didn't have gorgeous wooden floors like that!!! Oh well still would look great with carpet! Not sure if you could fit two people in the bed though.... could be a bit squishy.... and we fight about our bed space as it is! :-)

I thought this bedroom had a nice "stately" feel to it. Still soft but still has a "masculine" feel about it. Love the cute side table, throw rugs and cushions.

What is a MUST in your bedroom? Mine would have to be large windows!



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