And The Walls All Came Crashing Down!

Well the "whimsical abode".... mmm doesn't sound quite right! We are still trying to figure out a name for our property...!! Still up for ideas!
On the home front anyway bevan has been getting into the kitchen wall extension. We have to knock the wall out to be able to move the fridge and pantry back to create more "space" in the kitchen.  I didn't realise when bevan started doing this that it would create so much "mess" and choas.... and i will have to live like this until the kitchen is complete which we are looking at getting done in early november! eeek!

Wall before we started knocking it out!

Bevan in the process of removing the wall and building the new one!

As you can see it was quite messy for a few days and my pantry as you can see below is in the middle of the kitchen with no doors on it! Still currently in that position! To see our kitchen plans.... CLICK HERE

Wall completely knocked out!

Looking from inside the garage!

Framing and flooring complete!

I have to hand it to my dear hubby.... he has done a great job moving this wall and whatever he seems to put his hand to it is "perfection"! I love him for all the hard work that he has put in!

Framing Complete
Sheeting starting to be put up!
Semi complete !
 As you can see in the picture above, in the little alcove is where we will put the pantry and fridge. It has now opened up the kitchen somewhat and added more space for us to work with!

The man in action.
Now i work hard but somehow bevan caught me in a "weak" moment relaxing with my puppy dog and a good book. I didnt realise he took this until i downloaded it! Hmmm....

So the next thing we need to do is try and figure out what tiles we want for the splash back and for the floors since we can't get a matching tile that is already on the floor! Idea's that i have had for the splash back is to to choose a small square tile... maybe all white or maybe in neutral tonings (not like the colours in the first picture below) or maybe a "brick" like pattern (in the second pic) in a white tile or some sort!. I am trying to choose something that is complementive to the style of our kitchen but also trying to choose something that will not date easily!!!

Idea of small square tiles for splash back (NOT THE COLOURS :-) )

Brick style pattern on splashback.


Share The Harvest......

 Check out the cool picture below of one of bevan's workmate's garlic harvest. I thought it suited the "Whimsical" Blog so i thought i would show you! (Good work DAN :-) )

I thought since he sent that picture it gave me an idea for avid gardener's, bakers, crafters to send a picture in of your "harvests". So i can feature you here on the blog! Gotta have your 15 min of fame sometime! So why not today! Send your pics to.... thewhimsicalwife(at) and tell me your story behind it! Hope to hear from you!



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