Cotton Wool Head

Do you have times in your life where you get a cotton wool head? You can't think, can't decide on anything, it's like someone has cut your brain out of your head and replaced it with worthless and fuzzy cotton wool! Well that's about how i feel at the moment. I have been agonizing over kitchen tiles for weeks now and normally i can pick out what i want and bring it all together without too much fuss! It's called vision .... well the cotton wool seems to have replaced that picture with a big boat load of nothingness. Think of a untuned TV with it's grey static picture.... That's my brain! HA! I've got to laugh about it or i think i will cry. Anyway... this is my current dilemma...


I am in the middle of trying to decide what tiles to choose for our kitchen splashback. The vision that i intially had for my kitchen is to keep in something along the lines of a french provincial kitchen! We couldn't afford all the features of a french provincial kitchen so chose the ones we could afford to still create that feel.

For a french provincial kitchen i thought i might go for a small white 100mm x 100mm tile to give it the feel i wanted. Like that one below (Minus the terrible colour combination) BUT do you think I could find these type of tiles in Toowoomba?? NO!! It seems that all most of the tile shops in toowoomba do not stock this type of tile anymore and the ones that do only have a very basic range! So i was a little more than stumped at this point as that is what i had planned in my head to do! So after looking around and trying to figure out other tiling options.... my fuzzy cotton wool head kicked in and i was stumped!!

100mm x 100mm splash back tiles - MINUS the terrible colour combination!
I had another look back at the kitchen in our old house which we did up about a year and a half before we left. I realised I still loved the tiles we used in this house and started thinking maybe i could use them in our new kitchen..... i know i felt boring thinking about it but in the end i thought... Meh! I liked it then why not use them again!

Our previous kitchen

The tiles i used in my last kitchen
So my current decision on the tiles is to pick the same ones as i use previously. Its not set in concrete at this point but with cotton wool head syndrome in full swing i don't think i can figure anything else out!

I have a brief thought on our "hardware" such as doorknobs, handles and tapware. I found this fantastic website  called flatpak kitchens which is located in South Australia. I initially found them on the net to find replacement door handles for our cupboard doors throughout the house. They were so kind and even sent out a handle free of charge so i could check that it would fit and suited the house!

Handle i chose to replace the ones on all our cupboard doors throughout the house!

If the kitchen man we are going with doesn't have anything similar to what i like i will probably get them off these guys again. This is my current ideas for the kitchen hardware! What do ya think?

For cupboard doors.
For Drawer handles.
Kitchen Mixer Tap

Hopefully my cotton wool head will subside so i can begin to "think" again! :-)



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