Garden Update

Well it seems that we have missed spring weather and delved straight into summer.... storms and humid weather. Just lovely! I took a few garden update photo's a week ago and forgot to post them. SO here they are! Hope your having a lovely thursday! One more day until the weekend.... YAY.

Our lovely lettuces all ready for the eating!

Abby helping me inspect the herb garden!

Spring onions have taken off... few more weeks until we can eat them.

A great way on saving money when gardening is raising your own
seed like our little lettuces here

Some different varieties of Tomatoe seedlings that we have planted.

Bevan planted our some proper seed potatoes a little while ago.
They have really shot up in the rain. These are the potato plants growing!

The roses have really taken off and there a squillons of buds on each bud....
I can't wait till they all explode into bloom!

What have you been up to this week? Got any grand plans for the weekend??



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