Happy Anniversary

It's our 4 Year Wedding anniversary today. Now i know i am still a young married duck but i feel like i have been married all my life... i have forgotten what life was like without being married. I won't get all gooey on you but the last 4 years with my husband has been a blessed, profound, hilarious, loved and special journey together full of many ups and downs.  I thought i would recap the last 4 years in photographs!

Our Wedding - Best day of my life! :-)
This day i married my best friend....

Our Honeymoon @ Whitsundays!
We had the time of our lives in the sunny (and rainy) whitsunday's

Attended many friends & family parties, weddings and engagments!

Our cutest member of the family!
 Got ourselves a dog whom we adore!!

Journey Around Europe - Best Trip Ever

(You can view our Europe Blog Here)

We walked and drove our way around Holland, Germany, Austria,
Switzerland, Italy, Luxemberg, France & England

and ate ourselves around Tasmania...

We DID IT!!!
We trained and walked 50km in Brisbane for the Dalit Children of India

Our kitchen before....

Reno'd a house including a kitchen.............

Kitchen after!!

Bathroom Before....

And a bathroom!

Bathroom after!
My sisters wedding

Participated in a few weddings....

My sister-in-laws wedding!

Had a ball with each other... cooking, day tripping and just hanging out!

Storey Bridge... before going to a Keith Urban Concert!


hanging out aus day 2010

Simply Tea Market Stall....
Started a business..... Simply Tea

Our current house
Sold and bought a new house.... and started the cycle of renovations again..!

Love you always!!!
And the best bit... is i did it all with my BEST FRIEND! :-) awww.....



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