Rain Rain Go Away.... Please!

Well as most of you who live in Queensland know that it seems like this rain has been never ending... It is good for the dams - especially here in toowoomba who are still struggling at something like 20% or so but i now know what it would be like to live in England.... never ending rain! It has done the garden wonders and the weeds also. I am not looking forward to the weeding that will be required after this rain. Bevan and i went for a bit of a walk yesterday in between showers and checked out the little creek in the paddock below us.

Water running down the hill into the small creek!
I have to say everything is quite waterlogged. We live on black soil and when you walk on it with shoes when it's wet you become 2 inches taller instantly as it sticks like glue! Abby our dog just loves playing in water, and this little creek was her little water paradise. She is quite funny as she pounces around in the creek trying to bite and eat the running water.

Abby trying to bite the water.

Bevan walking through the mud

The vegie garden is growing in leaps and bounds in this rain... and so is the slugs and grubs eating them! I am going to have to find a organic herbicide recipe to spray the plants with! For those avid gardeners now is the month to plant your rockmelon, watermelon and pumpkin seeds ready for a summer crop. Other plants you may also want to plant out would be corn, silverbeet and zucchini, radish, lettuces and rocket.




Still calling all whimsical wife readers to send in their "Harvest" Photos... It can be from your garden such as vegies, flowers etc... from your oven or even from your sewing machine or paint brush! Love to be able to showcase them... send them into  thewhimsicalwife(at)gmail.com. Thinking i might even put out a prize for the best one!... A hamper of whimsical wife homemade goodies?? or something along the lines of that!

The windmill in the paddock next door.... By Mel :-)



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