Garden Inspiration

Been plodding along in the gardening department lately. Things are taking off nicely and growing leaps and bounds. I thought i would throw a few inspirational pics that i love up for you to get inspired from! I really want add a touchs of "french" style into the garden through the use of plants, ornamental features and garden design.

Don't you just love the gorgeous little sun house in the background! Very cute!! Wonder if bevan is in the mood to build one! Probably not! :-) 

I love the little blue seat and the raised garden beds... little area's of contemplation!

I just love the rustic feel of this picture! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic.... just need to dig a river in the yard! HAHAHA! Very "whimsical" don't you think??

I will get some pics up soon updating our garden adventures! What have you been up to lately in your yard/house?



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