Masterpiece Of Scavenging!

1There is something nice about reclaiming old things such as our "scavenger hunt" bricks and reusing them to create something beautiful. We had this plan in our minds for a while to create a gorgeous and rustic path in our kitchen garden using reclaimed bricks or in the world of recycling goods "vintage" bricks! You can read the start of our journey with this garden here

Bevan and I have been working hard on this garden on and off since we moved here about 4 months ago now. I am a little excited to start the path here and get a bit of a "finished" feel in this garden. The downside to using these "vintage" bricks is they still have the old limestone mortar on them which requires us to scrape it off before we can use them... hmmm doing this for 300+ bricks is going to be interesting.

Hard at work!

So we donned our hats on and got ourselves some tools and sat down and began scraping away! I can't say it was the most glamourous job i have done but we got the job done (well about a quarter done)!

Bevan enjoying the job

Taking a break!
Bevan measured out an approx circumference of the circle on the path with a pole, some string and a stick to get a rough idea how big we want it. We then startedlaying the inner circle of bricks first working our way outwards.

First row of bricks

We continued scraping and laying bricks over an hour or so and this is where we got!

Nearly Finished.

Nearly completed circle.
We just have to cut a few of the bricks to fit in the middle of the circle to finish it off! I can't wait to start the rest of the path to see how it all comes together!

On the garden front i was able to pick my first cabbage the other day... it was a bit of an exciting occasion. This isn't the first produce we have been able to eat, our snow peas, radish's, rocket and lettuce are all on the go to eat and we have been enjoying them for the last few weeks as the weather gets warmer! We love to make homemade coleslaw with our cabbages!

Picking my first cabbage

My "baby" cabbage! :-)

What are you enjoying from your garden this fine season??



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