Op Shop Finds.....

I have been Op shopping again.... I don't think i ever really stop, if i am near an op shop i will always duck in to have a quick squiz if there is anything there that inspires me or jumps out at me and yells "TAKE ME HOME"! As i have said before... somtimes i hit the jackpot and find things that work, sometimes i walk around wondering what i am doing there. I generally don't spend anymore than $5 - $10 depending on the item.

I picked up these cute little white ceramic urns the other day for $4.00 each. As you can see by my little display below all those items have been picked up from my fave op shops. I am getting a real little collection happening.

I also happen to stumbled across this old hardwood frame while i was also picking up my cute urns. I picked it up for $5.00 and i have a project in mind for it.... more to come on that later!

Talking of projects we completed our picture frame project  (and here) that has been sitting in the sitting room for some months now. We purchased these cute sash windows at the local dump for $2.00 for about 3 windows.

Some of the windows before

I sanded this one below and scraped all the old paint off the frame. I undercoated it and taped it all up with newspaper and sprayed it with high gloss enamel paint.
 After a few coats, a bit of a wipe over on the glass and the addition of our french print and matte board this is the end result!

Now i just need to decide where to hang it!.... That will probably take a few more months to decide!



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