Pretty Inspirations

I feel like have had not a lot of time really to re-focus back onto the interior of our house with things going full steam ahead in the garden department. I thought i would show a few inspirations pics that are helping me "get in the mood" again of how i want to decorate... well dream of it anyway!!

This room just breathes freshness to me! Don't you love the cute blue lounges and accents!

 Still dreaming of my kitchen.... a few more weeks to go yet before it's done!!

Cute bathroom.... I love the claw footed bathtub! Unfortunately our bathroom was renovated just before we bought the house so no reno's in there for a few years!

What a gorgeous entryway!! Hmmm.... i need to work on mine a bit! Love the neutral tonings and the additions of those lamps add a bit of glamour!!

I thought this room was charming with the different paisley prints throughout but yet seem to harmonise! Not sure if i would copy the look for our hose but it's whimsical in its own little way!

What are your thoughts about chandeliers in kitchen's/over kitchen tables??
 (secretly i LOVE them)

I just had to ad this picture in... it really turns the "whimsical" factor up 100%!  (mind you it is a wedding themed picture....)

I think the arrangement of this desk is very cute... simple yet effective!

This little setting looks very inviting as summer approaches i love the mismatched chairs and table! Table decor is well done!

What have you got planned for the weekend?? Love to hear about it!



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