Reaping The Rewards

I have been so excited over the past few days as i relish each afternoon trip to our vegetable garden! You see our garden is growing, exploding... well not quite... but it's growing and producing wonderful things for my table! I have started picking our spinach, carrots, beetroot and some of our potatoes. The carrots and beetroot are still in there "baby" stages but the flavour once cooked is amazing... so sweet and delicious!! Yum! We enjoyed a nice dish last night of pan fried chicken with roasted baby vegetables, wilted spinach and chickpeas! I got excited over it.... not sure if bevan did! :-) Well i felt we has started seeing a bit of our "dream" of why we bought this place... to have a bigger vegie patch, be a bit more self sufficient from it and enjoy the benefits of eating "organic" home grown food! Sometimes i wonder if i am turning into a bit of a "hippie" or "greenie"..... hmmmm!

Our cabbages already to pick!

Broad beans slowly growing - i cannot wait until these are ready!

Tomato's flowering - ready to grow some fruit!

As you can see by the photo's above we still have a few things "growing" before they are ready to eat but I cannot wait until they're ready as well! More food for my table! :-) I have started planting out seeds for the next round of vegetables, it's a bit of an art to keep up with it all - i think i am still perfecting that!

Looking into the vegie patch
As you can see in the above photo abby is a bit of a gardening companion on my jaunts through the vegie patch. She especially loves the snow peas that have been growing.... she will literally go and pick them from the bush! I have a funny funny dog!

abby enjoying and afternoon snack!

On the brick path front things are going good and bad. Good news is the path is slowly evolving and coming together. Bad news is i think we will run out of bricks... actually i am certain! BUM! We should of got another load or two of bricks! So if you  know anyone knocking down a building with old limestone mortar type bricks let us know... we need some more bricks! :-(

Brick path in progress!

On the kitchen front things are slowly moving forward. We have okay'd the quote from our kitchen guy and he is in the process of making it.... now it's just waiting!! I think we should have it in early december! Fingers crossed. I can't wait for it really, i have had enough of my pantry being stuck in the middle of the kitchen with no doors, teetering on blocks of wood! The wall bevan built is now completed and painted - and he did a great job of it!

Pantry teetering in the middle of the kitchen!

My new oven, dishwasher & rangehood! YAY
We have picked up our kitchen goods such as our stove, dishwasher and rangehood and they are now stored away safely until the kitchen guy is ready to install them! .... Please hurry up! :-)



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