Scavenger Hunt

The thought of taking a trip to the local dump gets me a little excited? Why you may ask.... well i believe i have hoarding and scavenging blood in me (and so does my husband). We love to find treasure among mountains of trash! That's why we also love garage sales and op shops.... you never know what you will find! Recently we had a bit of a different sort of scavenging expedition....... through a demoliton site. Bevan and his work mate had been eyeing thing particular building getting ready to be demolished off for a while on their lunch time walks and had got permission with the worksite foreman to collect some old style bricks to use for the path in our herb garden. 

So over two afternoons we hitched up the trailor and donned on our work gloves and started collecting bricks!

Bevan in the pile of rubble picking up bricks

Picking up some old hardwood sleepers to use in the garden

Me working hard.... not.... while poor bevan breaks his back!

We got a decent load each time we went and i think we collected about 200-300 bricks in total. A good day's work if i don't say so myself! We have grand plans for these little bricks... hopefully we can do justice with them!

Our first load of bricks and sleepers!

Our haul of bricks we collected!
Our vision on how we want to use them would be to create a bit of a rustic path winding it's way into the herb garden we have against the house.

Example of the kind of path we want to create!

Our little herb garden has slowly been growing and transforming... you can see what it looked like before... HERE

Bevan has placed crusher dust down in prepartion for the bricks!

Bevan has started preparing the path with crusher dust as the base of the path for the bricks to sit on. We just have to compact it now before we lay the bricks down! Now all i need to decide is what pattern to do when we lay the bricks.... hmmm!

On other gardening fronts my rose garden has just exploded with roses and it has been satisfying to see them all grow and bud!

First flower to open on my "Bonica" rose.......

Explosion of colour!!!

All the roses exploding with flower!
The first bud for my white "Pierre De Ronsard" Climbing Rose

I have mentioned before about our mulberry tree dripping with mulberries  and we have been enjoying mulberry pie, jams and mulberry sauce on icecream and fresh berries but i have just realised our little dog abby seems to also enjoy the odd "pick" of our mulberry tree. I caught her in action and the photo's that resulted left me giggling! She trots around the lower branches sniffing the berries finding the ripest one for her to pluck between her teeth and pull of the branch, she continues with this little routine until she has had her fill, she does this as well with out snow pea crop!! The chooks also LOVE pecking all the old mulberries off the ground... they race straight to there after they're let out of the pen and peck away madly!

Mulberries galore...

Chookies enjoying there fill!

Abby "sniffing" her way to a good mulberry!

Plucking the ripe mulberry between her teeth!

Taunting her with a fresh mulberry.... looks like she got the last laugh....

What funny thing do your pets do??



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