Slipcover or Not To Slipcover

Ok now it's great when you get a bargain on something and it's exciting to think of the possibilities of what you can do with this bargain to make it special & amazing ! I have been pondering this large project for many months now... ever since i bought it way back in june.Yes.... it's my $50.00 buy on two wingback chairs & ottomons I won at the Tender Center!

 You see it needs to be "rejuvenated" somehow - as you can see by the "lovely" coloured fabric. I first thought maybe i could get someone to re-upholster them for me.... after I got a quote done and picked myself off the floor after finding out how much it cost ($2000+ - and no i am not joking) I decided I will probably have to do it myself.

I researched how to re-upholster a wingback chair and by looking at the pictures it looks quite do-able but do i want to put all that effort into it or try and find an easier way to cover them? I purchased some material with re-upholstering in mind but i am now unsure what I should do?

The possibilities of what can be done by re-upholstering yourself!

The other option that i have is making "slipcovers" for the chairs and ottomon. This is the cheats way of covering a chair without the effort of pulling it all apart. The only drawback is it looks to be quite an involved procedure to sew slipcovers for a wingback chair and the effort to put into making them seems like it could be on par with re-upholstering. I did price the cost of getting someone to make slipcovers for me and it still come in at a breath taking price ($300-$600 per cover).

Example Before Slip Cover
After SlipCover

I love the before and after though of these slip covers that Centsational Girl made - the linen fabric really livens the chair up! Love it!

So that is my current dilema with my bargain wingback chairs... they may be a bargain but with it comes "Effort" & "Time" involved in fixing them up into something special!

The current 'state' of our wingback chairs... good old sheets to cover them for now!

One other addition i want to add to the chairs is Queen Anne style legs (Top row on picture below) as the chairs currently are on metal wheels which don't give it much height. Also removing the skirting around both the ottomons and chairs to "simplify" the look. I think the effect will be quite stunning if i ever get around to it!

Wingback chair with Queen Anne Legs!

Don't you just love this chair! Gorgeous! 



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