All I Want For Christmas Is.... A Chandelier

You think... She wants a chandelier for Christmas? Well i do... kinda..?? You see we need to pick some light fitting for the kitchen and the dining area for once our kitchen gets done and I LOVE chandeliers... the classiness and glamour that they ooze and the "pizzang" (if that's a word?) they bring to a room once installed. I have been drooling over these photo's of chandeliers in Kitchens and Dining Rooms and i would be thrilled to add one to our house (now that our kitchen is getting done next week) .... one teeny tiny problem..... i cannot convince my husband to "LOVE" them also!

I have cajoled, begged and pleaded... well actually that's a fib... i simply just asked and said.. "Would you like a chandelier in our kitchen or dining room?".... His answer "Would you?"... "YES I would LOVE one", i replied. (He shouldn't of bothered asking that question... it's quite obvious that i do) He just didn't seem to warm to my idea. Hmmm what to do?? Well after some discussion and a bit of research on my behalf i believe we may come to a compromise in the lighting department for the hanging over the kitchen table in the dining room. Instead of a big sparkling, bedangling chandelier (what i would love) we think we may go with something a bit simpler and more sympathetic to the age of the house.  A light similar in design to the one in the picture below but possibly with a bit more of a modern edge to it. 

Yes it's not a big glamourous chandelier which i drooled and dreamed over but i think it will still be a nice compromise!

I wonder what he thinks about a chandelier in the bathroom??? :-)



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