Kitchen Renovations... At Long Last (Part 1)

Yes Yes I know it's been over a week since I last posted anything.... well I have been busy... Haven't you? :-) Christmas is coming like a freight train with no brakes and my house is a sham at the moment, i am up to my arm pits in plaster, tile off cuts, stored food and utensils and don't talk to me about the washing! But for good reason though.... I have a new kitchen! YAY!

So let's start with the before shots... i always love seeing before and after shots on things seeing the change that happens.... because i will say the new kitchen has really transformed this space!

The kitchen in it's "Natural" state

I had the pleasure of having to remove all the items from the kitchen cabinets and try and find somewhere to store them all while the renovations were under way..... what better place then our living room!

 Bevan's brother helped him pull the old kitchen out last weekend. It took them most of the day to do with a few gross discoveries.... such as an old mice nest under the kitchen, old dried maggots stuck under the old lino and lots of GUNK!

Starting the job of dismantling the kitchen.

Most of the cabinets removed...

Bevan's brother helping out... thanks :-)

An nearly empty kitchen!

After the cabinets had been removed it seem to stir up the "smell" that this area seemed to have... a mixture of old fat and mustiness. So we decided it would be best to put a lick of paint over the walls and floors where there was stains to try and seal in the smell because i did not want that after the new kitchen was installed.

After painting the floor and some wall areas to seal in the smell!

We have put the old kitchen on E-bay to sell and it is currently squeezed into our garage awaiting removal from the lucky buyer!

Our little doggy 'Abby' is a bit bewildered with all that is happening at the moment. She has a bit of a sniff and look around at what is going on and goes back to her favourite spot on top of the shoe basket and watches everything from there.

And the big reveal of the new kitchen....... will actually happen next week... just to make you a wait a bit longer! :-)

I will give you a sneak peak of what it looks like... Enjoy!



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