Kitchen Renovations... Part 2

Ok i won't hold out any longer on the after photo's of the newly renovated kitchen... how naughty of me to make you wait??? As you will see by the photo's we are still in the process of finishing off things such as the splash back tiling and the floor tiles.... But without further ado i now present the newly renovated Whimsical Wife Kitchen (partially finished).... Enjoy ;-)

Remember the Before.......
 More Before photo's in this entry

Before Splashback is Tiled.....

Semi-Finished Kitchen.... island bench will go in the middle.
Colonial style overheadcupboard doors still yet to come

Oven was still yet to put in!

Floor is yet to be tiled!

Island bench which will be placed in the middle of the kitchen!

Splashback being tiled.........

My precious husband has been working his little tail off over the last 3-4 days tiling the splashback and floor. He has been doing 12 hours days to get it finished! My hat goes off to him!

Bevan lay over 400 small white tiles for the splashback!

I love how the splash back has turned out!

Grouting the first wall.....

One wall completely grouted!

Most of the grouting nearly completed!

Splash back completed.... onto tiling the floor!

And yes we are still living in a mess..........................

To be continued with final photos!



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