Completed Projects - Number 1

Hello my bloggy readers.... how was your christmas break? Hopefully not as unexciting as mine? Our family had planned to go to Hervery Bay, camping for a week and after looking at the forecast a few days out we decided to opt out. It was a hard decision to make as we all lost about $140 each but i think we made a wise decision considering we would of been washed out and flooded in!

Anyway the spare time gave me an opportunity to finish of a few of those projects that i have had sitting around that i haven't had time to finish.

My first project was to make a French Country Blackboard out of an old sash window.

Original Sash Window

I removed the glass ... ever so easily - one big smash - and removed all the built up gunk around the frame. I gave it a good sand and removed any hardware that was attached to be replaced later.

All prepped ready for paint!

After a few licks of matte white paint and a bit of a rough sand to give it that "rustic look and replacing the the hardware that i removed i was nearly done. I (well bevan did actually) cut out a piece of MDF to fit the hole and I painted it with black board paint. After a few nails to hold the black board in the frame we were done.

I still want to paint a few words or something at the top of the black board so it doesn't look so blank but it's 99% complete! I looked at purchasing a French Country Blackboard similar to this from a shop for about $80 - $90! This probably cost me no more than $15-$20! BARGAIN!

I have another project to show but that will be for my next post......

Hope the start to your new year is all that you have hoped for!

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE To hear some comments or suggestions!



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