Back In Action

Hello Everyone..... I am back after a long 2 weeks away in India. I will write a post a bit later on my adventures in India but i will show you a few pictures of what we experienced on our trip!

Beautiful Children

Amazing Sunsets

UNREAL food! I miss my daily curry!

People who are happy yet have nothing!

A bit of exciting news I would like to share with you is the recent feature of my Kitchen Makeover on the DIY Show Off. I have been emailing dear Roeshel from the DIY Show Off for a few weeks organising a time and shooting off pictures of the kitchen to show on the post. I feel honoured to have been featured on such a great Blog. 

Roeshel and her husband bought an old farmhouse in 2007 to renovate, and what a gorgeous job they have done on doing it up. Check out there FARMHOUSE TOUR HERE . It's a BIG drool worthy tour that has inspired me to continue renovations at the Whimsical Wife house!

Mudroom Makeover

Dining Room Makeover

Main Bedroom Makeover (So jelous of chandelier)

Lounge Room Makeover

You must go over and have a look at the site and  you will most definitely pick up some great DIY ideas and inspirations for your next project! I know i have! So a big thanks to Roeshel!



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