Laundry Love

I left all my laundry to do on saturday and it had to be a day which i ended up in bed sick. So i stumbled through it and fell straight back into bed. Not fun.

I don't like my laundry room, I don't have a photo of it up yet but let's just say it needs a re-do. It has original 70's brown tiles, retro laminate behind the wash tub and well the wash tub and surrounds a grimy, filthy and old. Unfortunatley it is not high on our priority list to renovate at the moment. The deck is the next big project which will not happen until late this year i imagine.

Since i can't renovate my laundry i figured i could at least dream about it... No harm in that!

Here are some wonderfully clean, tidy and organised laundry's that i LOVE!

How nice does that look... I am in love with  the whole concept and colouring!

Love the combination of the pale woods, crips white and accents of latte and brown.

This is a great modern look..... minimalistic if you will - !

This has to be one of my favourites...... simply gorgeous.

I just had to add this last one because of the chandelier.... maybe a bit much in my house but looks great here! (P.s. i am still trying to convince hubby to put a chandelier somewhere in our house... not quite there yet)




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