My Fingers Are Itching.....

Yes you read the title correct.... my fingers are itching (and no i didn't catch anything from my recent trip to India - more to come on that trip later)

The reason for the finger itch is my creative juices are flowing and i feel the need to turn my attention to something. After looking through some of the gorgeous projects my fellow bloggers have completed of late i feel the need to join them. 

Check these cute and inspiring projects....

Buckets Of Burlap's "Nest Box" Shelving

I just fell in love with ths - it's old nesting boxes used as a display shelf... who would of thought!
Buckets of Burlap's Blog is chocka block full of great photo's and plenty of inspiration!

Rosebud & Bluebell's Ruffled Valance

This talented lady is from Melbourne and she whipped this cute ruffled valance for her kitchen from a canvas drop cloth from Bunnings!.

LOVE the french detail in the corner!

Karla At Home - Slip Cover Project

This project really made me ready to dive in and whip up the Slipcover for our wingback chairs... still deciding though whether to re-upholster versus making a slipcover.

Vintage By Lou Lou - Check her gorgeous shop out.....
 You must check this online shope out.... it's full of the most precious items - vintage and the like!
Louisa is based in Ipswich, Australia! Yup aussie aussie aussie!! She also writes a blog full of great pictures and inspirations!

Yes i fingers are still itching after this post..... best go finish the million's of half finished projects before starting anymore!!




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