Cushion Production....

Well it seems that my cushions went down a treat and I have to say i am quite proud of them. A lot of people have commented on how expensive it is to buy something similar online or in the shops. So I thought maybe I might make a few different designs and create a little online shop to sell some of my cushions on.

I will have to get a bit of a feel out there to see what else is on the market and the pricing etc but the reason why I want to do this is for the everyday person to be able to afford something as nice as these cushions. Why do they have to be so expensive? Fair enough people want to make a profit but to what extent?? Anyway it's all a bit of an idea at the moment and wanted to hear a bit of feedback on them first.

Crown Motif

I have been thinking and searching though on some other motifs to add to these cushions as well as different designs such as some without ruffles and some with more etc. The crown above is one of the motif's i would like to add to the collection. Here are a few more motifs that i have come up with.

Floating Flowers

Trio Of Floating Flowers


Love Birds.

Love to hear your idea's and comments - good & bad!!




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