My French Ruffle Cushion

I mentioned a few months ago my desire to have some "french" inspired cushions to decorate the house with. Post here. 

But what stopped me was the over-the-top price tags on some of them ($50 and upwards on some). I am sorry but as nice as they were i couldn't pay the price tag for them. So I have been researching since then a way to try and create my own "french" inspired cushions on a budget. I found a way.... at last!

My French Cushion (Under $15)

It all came in the form of a little magic paper called "Freezer Paper". Now freezer paper is not baking paper or waxed paper that you buy from the supermarket. I actually bought this from Spotlight. It's an American product used also in the kitchen but also in the crafting world. It has a waxy side and a side that is "sticky". 

Ironing the Freezer paper onto the fabric.

I simply printed a picture on normal A4 paper that I wanted to put on the cushion. I then placed the "sticky" side down over the paper and using a scalpel I cut out the picture. I kept it simple for my first try and used a basic picture of the Eiffel Tower. Once you have finished cutting the picture out you can then iron the "template" you have created onto your chosen fabric, i used a light coloured linen for this. Make sure it is the waxy side up and sticky side down when ironing the template on your fabric otherwise you will find yourself in a bit of a mess. The great thing about Freezer paper is if you iron it on wrong you can peel it off and re-do it and re-use the template once you have completed your first project.

After painting & removing the "freezer paper" stencil.

I kept it simple and used plain black mixed with a fabric fixative to paint the stencil. I left it to dry and removed the freezer paper to reveal my masterpiece (well not quite!) I wanted to add some words to the print so i sat down and cut out some words to add underneath the Tower. This was a little more time consuming but i think worth it in the end.

The addition of words underneath the Eiffel Tower.

The second cushion i created with different wording.

The hard bit was not done and all I had to do was heat seal the fabric paint with the iron to set the paint into the fabric. The cushion cover is now washable! I whipped up the basic cushion cover and added one last point of interest to it.... a ruffle. It seems ruffles have a bit of a craze at the moment. I found out how to make ruffles at Ink Blots & Polka Dots, which gave simple instructions on how to whip them up!

The ruffle.
 So over all it probably took me a day's worth of work in between waiting for paint to dry etc. I am really  happy with the result and can't wait to get started on some other designs. I am not sure if i will keep these or sell them.

Not bad for under $15.00!!!

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