My Indian Adventure.....

I have been trying to get time to write this post and it seems like days have passed before i have been able to sit down to think what i am going to write! So sorry for the delay.

Some of the gorgeous local kids that captured our hearts.

India.... where do i start with this crazy, wonderful, smelly, noisy place. The reason for our journey to India was to view the work of a local charity that we support. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to experience India, and see some wonderful work being done over there. Unfortunately i cannot be truly specific on what we did or show photo's of everywhere we went due to the sensitive nature of certain things we saw there and by mentioning places and people it could put the work they are doing in jeopardy. So i am sorry if i am a little vague on what we exactly did.

Local Laundromat!

We visited four states of India while we were there for our 2 weeks journey. We landed in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and spent 3 days here visiting local projects and meeting some wonderful people.

Rice Fields

My husband spending some time with the local school children.

Our next stop was in the state of West Bengal in the capital Calcutta. The city of Calcutta was probably one of the most filthiest places i have ever been to in my entire life. The smog, pollution, people and cars were overwhelming. We had to travel a lot by a "hired" tourist bus and train during this leg of our journey. Unfortunately it took about and hour to go about 10km in the bus so we got to know the inside of the bus quite well during our stay. Over the 4 day period we stayed here we averaged about 3 hours sleep a night - so by the end we were absolutely exhausted!
Calcutta was the highlight of the trip for me as it was the most intense, rewarding and special place. We had the opportunity to visit a remote village located on an island in the Bay of Bengal. We met some beautiful children and people which i will never forget. 

Squat toilets in one of our 6 hour train rides! Yes i gave them a go!

Breakfast time - omlette, fried chicken and a curry chicken sandwhich!
Sunrise in the train!
River ganges in Calcutta.
Slum area

Sunset over the bay of bengal
Local we were able to give food.

Transport around the remote village!

The third leg of our journey landed us in the state of Andra Pradesh in the capital city Hyderabad. Here we stayed for 3 days and were able to get our sleep deprivation under control and enjoy a nice hot shower after nearly a week of cold ones. Again we visited many local projects and met some wonderful people. I enjoyed one of my favourite curries here in Hyderabad - it was a Goat curry and the flavours were just amazing! Throughout the whole trip the food was just delicious - fresh naan bread, chappatis, roti and poppadoms, many a curry, sambals, dahl, sweets and deep fried delights. The only  bad thing i will say about the food is breakfast.... a curry in the morning isn't a bowl of cornflakes or toast it gets a bit much first thing in the morning - by the end i just wanted something plain.

Best food ever - an assortment of curries, dahl, fried rice etc

Local school kids.
 This guys expression was set in cement!

The last stop was in the state of Kerala to a village 3 hours out of the capital of Cochin. Here was kind of a debrief section for the whole trip to reflect on what we had seen and see the local headquarters of the organisation.

Cutest indian baby!

My husband giving the local transport a go!

Bus ride anyone?

Normal city street

Overall i thoroughly enjoyed my Indian experience and would definatly recommend everyone at least go once in there life to experience a different style of life, food, culture and meet some new people.




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