Rustic Jewellery Board

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and full of creativity...... as mine was!
I have finally finished a project that was laying around for the past 3 months or so.

It is a Rustic Jewellery Board (Or Pin Board). It all started with a $5.00 wooden frame that i picked up at my local OP shop. (Which by the way has seem to jacked all their prices up to the point of being ridiculous - not happy). Anyway moving on!

Original Frame for $5

I loved the size and shape and had a project of a pin board in mind - i just needed to find the right frame and.... TADAR! I found it! It was out of necessity actually that i needed to create something to hand my jewellery on. You see i love to by "fashion" jewellery ( i love to accessorize) - not the expensive stuff unfortunately - and out of that love i now have an excess of earrings and necklaces that are overflowing out of my jewellery box.

Do you have this problem??

I thought about buying one of those steel mannequins to hang it all on but then there was the problem of where to put it, and they're so expensive as well.

I started off by giving the frame a light sand and painting with a white acrylic paint. I gave it a few coats for good measure. The fun then began! SANDING!! I rubbed and sanded (by hand) for what seemed like ages to get the aged look. I seemed to not get very far with it as i don't have the muscles to get in there. My knight in shining armour came and lent his muscles and VOILA we had "aged" and rustic look.



The next step was to create the pin board center. I started by cutting out a piece of plywood for the backing. I then used quilting batting to create the puffed look that i wanted. I overlaid this with a lovely rustic looking linen which I picked up at spotlight.

Quilt Batting

Jute Twine

Jute twine was used to create the diagonal pattern over the linen fabric and glued at the edge with a glue gun, I then sewed these gorgeous buttons at each intersection. To finish it off i glued the edges of the linen to the backing board.With the help of my husband I nailed the board into place framing the pin board perfectly.

Buttons all sewed on.

The last step was to attach the coat hooks to the bottom of the frame. You have no idea how hard i looked for hooks similar to these for a reasonable price! Non existant! I ended up finding them cheaply on ebay from a USA supplier, which still worked out cheaper than buying in australia! So once they were attached we were in business to put it up!

My lovely coat hooks!

So there it is in all it's glory. I think it turned out pretty good if i don't say so myself! The best thing of all is i now have a tidy jewllery box! YAY!

Finished Result with jewellery all in it's place!

Yay for tidiness and order!




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