From Drab to Fab!!

I had the best weekend just gone. I was able to finish more projects on my list of things to do and that is always a GREAT feeling. I have been working on this cupboard on and off for the last 2 months or so and i knew it was time to get my butt into gear and finish it before the winter cold come as i didn't want to sit in a cold shed sanding and painting.

I got this cupboard for free.... well it was actually left with our house when we bought it nearly a year ago now. They were going to throw it away and i nearly yelled out "NO" when i heard this. Couldnt' they see the potential this little baby had? Obviously NOT!

This poor girl was in need of some serious TLC. It has been previously used to store tools etc in it and had a nice "tool shed" smell to it as well. I had a bit of work cut out for me. Now the great blogger that i am forgot to take "during" photo's of my progress of doing this up since it was such a drawn out process!

But here is the after................

I started by sanding the whole cupboard down in preparation for painting. I undercoated it with Taubmans "Grey Comfort" as i knew i wanted to distress it later on. The top coat was just a plain white to keep things simple. It took a few coats of paint to cover the grey but i got there in the end.

 The fun bit came next.... SANDING! Yep i had a ball whizzing around the cupboard with an electric sander "distressing" as i went. I wanted to add character back to the old girl and i made sure there were a few good "rubs" and "old patches" to give that old vintage feel.

My favourite part of this old cupboard is the feet! I just love them.... the shape and the way they come up after distressing.

I ummed and ahhhed over the top of the cupboard as to whether i should paint it or not. I ended up attacking it with the sander and paint stripper to take it back to the wood. After a coat of "Cedar" stain and a slight white wash to tone it down it has come up a real treat. 

I added new handles as the old ones had a 60's feel to them and it only had one of those. We has some handles left over from changing our cupboard handles throughout the house and these suited the cupboard.

Don't you just love the cute key hole! Pity i couldn't find the key!

Now the inside come up a real treat as well....... I am yet to age it with some Liddels Wax that i purchased on Ebay, it is yet to arrive so more picture to come on the final product!  I will leave you peace now to take a tour of the rest of the cupboard!

Tadaar.... Inside the cupboard!

Great storage space..... still deciding what to put in it!

My little birdy friend seems to like it...... what do you think?

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