Rejuvenating & Restoring A Side Table.

After completing the restoration on my Drab To Fab cupboard makover I was on a roll so while i was still in the mood to paint i attacked the side table in our sitting room. When we first got married I was into the dark furniture and a modern and sleek look. So all my furniture has had to slowly change now that i want to decorate this new house in French Provincal style. I am trying to do it in the most cost effective manner possible and that is the main reason why i started this blog in the first place to show you how to.....
~DIY on a budget!!!~


I am proud to say that this little side table cost me $10 to buy intially (new!!) and with the left over paint and stain from the cupboard re-do this little table probably cost me no more than another $10 to redo. Gotta love that.


This was so simple to makeover it wasn't funny. I did it over a weekend along with other projects so it wasn't that time consuming. I simply gave the whole piece a sand with the electric sander and it took the dark stain off quick smart . It was a little harder in the crevices so i had to hand sand in these area's. 

I then gave the base section a couple of coats of white paint. After it dried an used the electric sander to rough up the corners and edges of the table. I also hand sanded the crevices again to get that rustic worn look over the whole piece.

I then started on the top of the table. I decided to keep it a similar look to the cupboard that i did using the same cedar stain and white wash technique as i did for the top of the cupboard. It came up a real treat! 

I finished the top using some Fiddes & Sons Rugger Brown wax that Miss Mustard Seed recommends. I scored it on ebay cheaper than most other places so i was happy with that. It left it with a smooth and soft lustre which gave it a warm and homey feel.

So it is easy to redo existing furniture with a little thought and elbow grease! (Oh and a electric sander!!)
So i dare you this weekend holiday to rethink buying that new piece of furniture and see if there is something you can re-do!




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