Rustic Wooden Boxes

Wishing you a belated Happy Easter one and all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful long easter weekend and had your fill of chocolate bunnies, easter eggs and hot cross buns! I know i did!

I spent the weekend walking in circles really wondering what project to take up next but having the no energy or motivation to start anything... bit frustrating really so i am sad to say nothing was really achieved over the weekend in the DIY department of the whimsical wife. I did try to do finish off some more "french" cushions but my sewing maching chucked it in and chewed the thread up and spat it out! So i gave up! My husband however was busy over the weekend completing stage 1 of our deck and retaining wall area. Pictures to come! So something was achieved at the "Whimsical House....." hmmmm still haven't got a name yet!

Anyway what i have been thinking about is what to do with a couple of old rustic wooden boxes that i picked up at a few garage sales in the last month *at bargain prices*!(Picture to come) but i thought i would find a few inspirational photos of some of the things people have done with rustic wooden boxes that i maybe able to use with these boxes.

Love the idea of using them as simple storage containers for my everyday items such as napkins and placemats.

I love the idea of using them on the walls to display knick knacks and other items is cute!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Even the use of castor wheels on the bottom of the boxes as movable storage is a great idea!

Maybe i could used them as part of a rustic sideboard? Hmmm

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Or even using it for a herb garden.... very quaint!

Idea's..... Idea's..... there is so many of them! What do you think?




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