Things To Do........

You know how it is when life seems to go into overdrive and you wonder if you will ever have time to just "sit" again. I feel like that this week.... mind you we were at the beach relaxing this time last week.

While we were sunning ourselves and digging our toes in the sand last week i had time to think over what i want to get completed this "winter" season now that the chill is approching and projects that need to be done have to move indoors. 

There are many things on my list but the main ones are:

1. Finish off the Kitchen/Dining Room area with light fittings.

I know what i want for the dining room area and have found the light I like at Bunnings.....

Bunnings: $249.00.... Check it out here!

Pretty ain't it.... welll i think so. I am thinking a maybe a 3 Light Version of the abover or  pendant light of some sort for in the kitchen.
Now just to save for the lights! :-)

2. Complete Wingback Chair Clipcovers.

Read about my wingback story and dilema here.....

This project has been a thorn in my side for nearly a year now. I have bought the fabric months ago and I have been tossing up whether to re-upholster or sew slipcovers for these wingback chairs. After a lot of research and costing my best bet is to go with sewing my own slipcovers... eeeek!

But do not despair (I am saying that to myself *smile*) I have a friend who can help. Her name is Miss Mustard Seed and she has created a Six part video tutorial on how to sew slipcover's for wing back chairs. So I will be closely watching these videos in the weeks to come!

Miss Mustard Seeds Completed Slipcovers

Are there big projects on your list of things to do? What are they?




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