Retaining Wall

I realised it's been a while since i posted anything about the going on's of the outside of the "farm" house. 
Well my dear husband has been doing a lot of work around the house lately. After completing the herb garden and path he was at loose ends for a few months as the next big project was the retaining wall and deck and well the bank account had to be in the black to fund this project.

In early 2010

This was the back of the house before we bought it. We have grand plans for this back area and are slowly bit by bit changing it as money and time allows.

We have now gotten around to starting the retaining wall for the deck in the last few weeks. My husband is a champion and has designed, organised and attributed to the creation of this masterpiece of a wall. He is truly amazing.

Before starting the wall.

The pile of rocks my poor husband had to shift off the bank!
The poor guy had to start off with moving a tonne of rocks from the bank before he could do anything for the retaining wall. He hurt his neck and back in the process but plowed ahead with the job.

After the rocks had been removed

He marked out and measured the design of the wall and made marks on how he wanted it to be cut. I wasn't involved in this project and it was a little beyond me so i am sorry if i am vague on the details! :-)

He hired a bobcat to come in and cut into the bank and create the shape that we wanted. We ended up with a nice pile of dirt after this. Hmmm where to put it!  They also dug holes for the posts for the bottom layer of the retaining wall.

My husband then worked tirelessly over a weekend to complete the bottom level of the wall. He had some great helpers which included his dad and his brother doing the hard yards of cementing & lugging posts around.

Completed 1st layer
2nd wall being constructed

Completed retaining wall
(p.s. The white stuff is hail by the way!! We had a nice downpour just as bevan was finishing the wall.)

He completed the second level of the retaining wall a few weeks later and voila - one complete retaining wall... now for the deck!! Could be a while! :-)




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